1. Night Vision Spy Camera

It also supports night mode and auto white balancing with multiple advanced options. This application comes with beautifully designed GUI and contains multiple resolutions HD p, p, p, p.

Using a Spy Cam App to Monitor Your Children

This high rated app for recording videos secretly. This app has received an amazing rate of 4.

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This app has a never-ending minute mark which is absolutely great. This app does its best at capturing the video without letting anyone know.


The Best Secret Spy Camera Android Apps – April

It is highly rated for its design and smoothness. There are many features like one-touch instant recording, Schedule recording, SMS recording, auto recording and many more. Not many apps have such kind of features. The hidden camera is also a background video recording application for Android devices. The best thing about this app is that it can record the videos even when you are on a phone call. This app can record the videos with a resolution of X pixels. Best hidden camera app for androidThis app works without any camera shutter sound and supports both front and back camera.

Top 3 Amazing SPY Apps 2017 - Definitely you don't know

You can also schedule a recording of this application and works without any video duration. This app is only used for capturing photos. To start this application all you have to do is just press the volume key for capturing pictures. You can also set a timer for taking pictures for a particular time or day. Best hidden camera app for android, this is actually a very advanced hidden camera that takes photos in the background. This app gives you an error-free experience as it is perfectly designed and well balanced for all the android devices.

6 Best Spy Camera Apps for 12222

As there are lots of apps with similar names, but their features are not the same. Dozens of popular apps with millions of downloads have been outed as "malicious" by cyber-experts. One of the apps — designed for downloading video files — had been installed more than 5million times. And many of the apps revealed in the investigation hide themselves so they're difficult to delete.

These apps can destroy your phone's battery life, send your info to crooks, and even install more dodgy software onto your device.

These types of apps are known as "adware", because they serve up ads in mischevious ways. However, they'll show full-screen ads on your display that are difficult to close, even when not using the app.

Spy on Any Android Device in 3 Simple Steps

You can also just keep the screen on if you want to text or browse the web while it's recording. To stop the recording, pull down the notification tray on the lock screen or wherever and tap on the notification. You can also stop it by tapping on the widget icon again on your home screen.

You'll be able to view a thumbnail of the video file, as well as options to play, save, trim, and delete it, right from the notification panel.

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You can also find the videos in your Gallery app. It's easy to start using the app once you've installed it, but there are plenty of preferences worth taking a look at that can improve the experience. Some of the most notable options will allow you to customize the notification you get while recording, change the widget icon to something less obvious, hide recordings from your stock gallery app available within the app , or require a password before using opening the app.

Otherwise, this is a great go-to spy camera app that can cover all your needs. Let us know what you think by commenting below.